Go hawks

Game uniform



This is Valley and I love her
She’s not really a dog, she’s my eyes and my awareness of the world
Before her I felt a little empty and useless
But because of my Valley girl I feel normal again and I missed that feeling
I love my seeing eye dog I love my Valley

My Valley, my love


Cold outside

Baby its cold outside
The sun is gone and my feet are frozen
Baby its cold outside
The street is icy so I must be going
Baby its cold outside
Now I’m lost since this snows ah flowin
Baby its cold outside
Your warm heart and soothing soul is all I need
Oh baby its cold outside


Secrets on words

Dreaming of a dream that is or was fiction to me but not having the strength to break the glass and see what’s real, so you hide behind the computer desk were its safe and you can pick them off, one by one, just like a sniper. Your just like a fucking sniper.



I’m lost inside my mind and looking for something that I’ll never find.

I don’t drink but I need one

I’m loosing my vision as well as my mind and all is dark and I’m afraid of what I’ll do

I was a warrior but now I’m weak

I wish I had no emotions, no feeling, and no more pain

But I’m human and so I feel it all

I’m sad and sick and yearn to be back in my coma

Why am I like this, what am I?

 Why did you do this to me, why did I love that war so much

Is this payback?

Is this my hell?




I’ve been thinking about my life lately and I realized that since I was 30 I really haven’t done anything that sets me apart from the world. I’ve become lazy and sad, I’ve become a lazy sad cheating human being and I hate myself for being like this.