losing my shit

I have a brain injury. Not a normal one if there is a normal brain injury, I died when I got mine but only for a bit. I was fighting in the war in Iraq as a Ssg in US Army and was shot by a sniper through my helmet and the left part of my brain, I was dead laying in the sand, blood ever where, machine guns shooting all around. But as I lay dead a brother of mine revives me and covers my head as the chopper comes in. I wish this was a story but it is not, doctors pull what they can from my brain and remove half my skull and hope. I sit in a coma for 3 months until I awake, with tubes all through me like a SciFi movie.
I can’t talk, barely see, and I don’t remember what happened who I am or why everyone is staring at me.

I was the first american soldier to survive such an injury and live.Its been seven hard years since then and I’ve been in the mental ward 5 times 4 suicide attempts and countless loss brothers lost, all of this and im still here, still somewhat normal.I snowboard with my 12 year old son or just on my own, ive been snowboarding for 24 years so riding partly blind isnt all that hard. I havnt drove a car since 2004 and probably will never again, my bodie stays as regulated as it is do to medicine witch i will have to take for the rest of my life.

My writting is dark because I am now dark but after the hell i went through in that war and now with all that i deal with how could you not.


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