All about brian wells (me)

I use to have a type A personality, all hardcore career soldier in an only alpha male combat job, fucking awesome! Now I’m a retired type B personality male who is basically a ( no offense ) house wife, oh and Im sort of bat shit crazy but that’s obvious.
So the good stuff now
I’m softer at times and more sympathetic, to people, I’m a good listener and actually take thought into the comments I give, I love a lot and enjoy being loved and pampered.
Now the brain stuff
I’m paranoid about everything and nothing, im not afraid of death or pain and can almost shut it off, I’m emotional so I get mad and cry often or sometimes just feel nothing towards anyone especially if you piss me off, I can hold a grudge for years regardless of how they feel, sometimes when its super cold my temp goes up and I can’t stand it or if its to hot I’m freezing, I enjoy being sad and don’t think I deserve any better, I have to take naps since my brain slows down after a bit and I get loopy.

I sound like a mess but and its a big but I’m not that bad a person.


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